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Your November '23 ALL Stars

Your November '23 ALL Stars

Each month, you have the chance to nominate any Avon Schools employee who you feel embodies our mission: ALL belong, learn, and grow. In October, you nominated 53 individuals and one entire school staff, and we have shared your encouraging comments with them.

Here's just a sample of your comments about the many ways these ALL Stars make our mission a reality:

  • "She is the definition of inclusion, always embracing teachers in her building and opening her classroom and heart to them. She also builds a strong classroom community with her students and their families."
  • "[He] has been a true asset in my son's year this year. He has fallen in love with school again, and that is all because of the impact [he] has made on my son."
  • "She showed care and compassion by reaching out to us when she found out our daughter was having surgery."
  • "[She] is an amazing teammate who challenges me every day to be a better teacher and learn something new. I am so grateful to be able to teach alongside her and learn from her strengths!"
  • "He is constantly helping other students and staff. The environment of the classroom is so welcoming and the class is always striving and learning. We all feel as we belong and a ton more."
  • "[She] puts students and their needs first, and is always thinking about ways to help support them in their classes."
  • "[She] is experiencing a tough season of life outside of school, but she still shows up every single day and gives her students her best effort. She still gives her students grace and encourages each of them."

We are grateful for our ALL Stars. Be sure to watch for the December nominations to open. Let's keep the positivity and encouragement flowing! 

November '23 ALL Stars

Abby Phillippe (Hall), Maple Allison Osterburg, Cedar Alyssa Steckbeck, Maple
Ashlee Shisler, Maple Bonnie Hurst, Maple Carrie Alday, Admin Center
Cheryl Cook, AMS North Clarice Roberts, Maple Deb Marks, Hickory
Deborah Liberman, Sycamore Debra Thompson, Maple Dr. Claudine Magnus, River Birch
Drew Stainbrook, AHS Emily Matthews, Admin Center Emily Waggoner, Hickory
Eric Sogard, AIS West Erika Micheel, AHS Francisco Ramirez, River Birch
Jennifer Murray, Admin Center Jeremy Maxwell, OLC Josh Cox, AMS North
Julie Stevens, Maple Kaitlin Dugan, AMS South Kaitlyn Gordon, Cedar
Katie Titzer, AHS Katlyn Hansen, AIS East Kelly Kirkpatrick, AHS
Kelsee Creech, Sycamore Kris Taylor, AMS South Kristi Morrison, White Oak ELC
Kristina Toney, Maple Levi Hawk, AMS North Logan Posson, AHS
Madison Grider, Cedar Meaghan Flores, AHS Melissa Dougherty, AIS East
Melissa McCollum, Maple Melissa Sheriff, AHS Bill Caulton, AHS
Nancy Myers, AHS Nick Partlow, AIS West Robin Britton, Maple
Roxanne Farnsworth, Cedar Sabrina Martinez, Cedar Sara Carson, Sycamore
Sharon Howell, Maple Sherry Bowles, Admin Center Stefanie Kaper, White Oak ELC
Stephanie Chenoweth, AHS Tanesha Christian, White Oak ELC Tanya Havrilla, Hickory
Tim Miller, Maintenance Tina Taylor, Transportation White Oak ELC Staff