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Your December '23 ALL Stars

Your December '23 ALL Stars

Each month, you have the chance to nominate any Avon Schools employee who you feel embodies our mission: ALL belong, learn, and grow. In December, you nominated 61 individuals and one team of instructional assistants, and we have shared your encouraging comments with them.

Here's just a sample of your comments about the many ways these ALL Stars make our mission a reality:

  • "Your positive outlook and belief in the potential of every student have been instrumental in their growth and development. Your supportive and kind nature shines through in all that you do, and it is a true gift to have you as a part of our team."
  • "She loves on my kids big time, just like every parent hopes for when they send their kids off. [My son] says she is the best hugger and [my daughter] loves her braiding skills. Thank you so much."
  • "[He] is ALL in on his Orchestra Classes. He spends time with all of the students and supports and loves them."
  • "[She] opens her heart to every student, staff, and parent who enters her life and she goes above and beyond to show them that they matter. She has especially been a blessing to me and my family as we go through a difficult season in life."
  • "Your dedication and passion for what you do truly shines through in every interaction. Thank you for being such a positive force within our school community. Your presence empowers and inspires us all."
  • "She easily has one of the toughest classes in first grade this year and she handles herself with grace and patience like I have never seen before! Her class is thriving, despite some of the issues she encounters on a daily basis, and her students absolutely adore her!"
  • "[He] is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know. He takes time to connect with students and staff on a personal level. From the first day I started, he has created a supportive environment where I have felt valued and appreciated."
  • "Your positive attitude is contagious. Even during challenging times, you consistently bring a sense of optimism and positivity to our work. Your unwavering belief in our students' abilities and potential is truly remarkable."
  • "[She] is all about the kids. She is amazing to watch when she speaks to them. Her love and care comes through with each word. She puts everything she has into her work with children. Even on her toughest days, she is kid centered."

We are grateful for each of our ALL Stars. Be sure to watch for the January nominations to open. Let's keep the positivity and encouragement flowing! 

December '23 ALL Stars

Instructional Assistants, AIS East Alex Wire, River Birch Amanda Beehn, AIS West
Angel Garrett, Maple Angie Jones, AIS West Anna Nevins, Cedar
Apryl Swynenburg, AIS West Ashley Winkley, AIS West Bob Steindorff, AHS
Brenda Whaley, Admin Center Bri Pirtle, Sycamore Brianne Miller, Admin Center
Chris Baker, Admin Center Christy Faulkner, Transportation Christy Roberts, Substitute Teacher
Clare Hoover, Pine Tree Clarice Roberts, Maple Dan Fornek, AHS
Deborah Liberman, Sycamore Elizabeth Stone, Maple Elvira Lozano, Maple
Eric Edwards, Transportation Erin Collins-Ringham, AMS South Jane Woodruff, Sycamore
Janet Craig, Maple Jen Keener, White Oak Jennifer Murray, Admin Center
Jennifer Rudolph, AMS North Jessica Jambo, River Birch Jody Williams, Sycamore
Julie Metcalf, Cedar Julie Porep, AIS West Kaitlin Dugan, AMS South
Karie Mize, White Oak Keith Haston, Transportation Kendall Theile, Sycamore
Kenzi Albrecht, River Birch Kevin Gray, Cedar Krista Fay, Admin Center
Kristen Nicoson, Elementary Libraries Laurie Copeland, Sycamore Mallory Bruce, Sycamore
Margie Zentz, AMS North Megan Gregory, Cedar Michele Stolz, Cedar
Mike Miller, AMS South Mike Moore, Facilities Tanesha Christian, White Oak
Neil Linville, AHS Nicole King, White Oak Raegene Heath, Special Education
Raj Kaur, Cedar Rebecca Leeper, Food Service Rene Wright, Hickory
Renee Moore, Maple Ron Wallace, Transportation Sarah Valentin, Pine Tree
Shelby Tellez, Maple Stephanie Coppadge, Maple Susan Stamm, White Oak
Theresa Crowe, Transportation Kristen Ferrin, Cedar