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The Library Minute with Emmanuel

The Library Minute with Emmanuel

In Avon Schools, our libraries are hubs of activity. They are centers of learning, imagination, and excitement. In each issue of Oriole Blast, we'll feature a select book review by an Avon student. In addition to enjoying the chance to hear from them, maybe they'll get you hooked on a book.

My name is Emmanuel. I am an eighth grader at Avon Middle School North. I am writing a review on the book, Monday’s Not Coming, by Tiffany D. Jackson.  

This book is classified as Young Adult and Realistic Fiction. The story follows Claudia and Monday who are best friends. So, on the first day of school when they are in 8th grade, Claudia is so excited to meet Monday after a long summer without any communication. However, Monday does not show up. Monday does not show up the first day, the next day, or even the next week. School is hard for Claudia without Monday to help her, so she decides to look for her, but no one else cares. No one cares that Claudia’s best friend is missing. Chapter by chapter the book uncovers the mystery behind why Monday never came back to school.  

I absolutely LOVE this book! I highly recommend it. The author’s way of keeping readers on the edge of their seat as they read chapter after chapter is really fascinating. It also covers real world problems like child abuse and kids who go missing. It is an excellent 10/10 read!

If your child is inspired to check out this recommendation, they may get it from their school library, by visiting our friends at the Avon-Washington Township Public Library or pick up a copy online.