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Oriole Advocates Interview, Offer Support to Teachers of the Year

Oriole Advocates Interview, Offer Support to Teachers of the Year

The Oriole Advocates class of '23 is well underway. Their November meeting agenda was dominated by a lengthy, interactive discussion with eight of Avon's 12 Teachers of the Year: Jody Williams (Cedar), Sara Randall (River Birch), Zach Rohrbach (AHS), Laurie Davies (Maple), Jennifer Rudolph (AMS North), Jessica Belcher (AIS West), Sarah Van Duzer (Pine Tree), and Kelly Weaver (White Oak ELC).

The Advocates peppered the educators with insightful questions:

  • What’s been the greatest triumph of your school year thus far?
  • What are the most challenging issues occurring in teaching right now?
  • What services are most needed for our Avon children? And, what interventions are getting the most impact?
  • Why did you decide to come to Avon to teach?
  • In what ways do you see families engaged in your school? 
  • Help us understand how social and emotional learning occurs in your classroom.
  • How can the Avon Oriole Advocates support Avon teachers?

Participants left with a deepened appreciation for the art and science of teaching and a stronger resolve to do everything in their power to help Avon's educators know just how valued they are.

Rahul Sarkar, one of the Oriole Advocates in attendance, remarked that hearing from the teachers was "eye-opening, heartwarming, and at times moving." Sarkar continued by noting that this interaction with teachers confirmed his choice to become an Oriole Advocate. "As a group, we are all resolved to keep working on supporting the teachers, students, and the community."

Applications for next year's class will open in August. In the meantime, follow along with the Advocates on Facebook.