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Meet Teacher and Author Mr. Levi Hawk

Meet Teacher and Author Mr. Levi Hawk

When AMS North Principal Matt Hines called Levi Hawk this summer to offer him a job as Social Studies Teacher, he discovered something surprising. Levi is a published author.

"He wrote a book about his first year teaching," said Hines. "I just purchased the book and read [Levi's account of] the first day. I plan on reading a day each day as the school year progresses." He adds, "Maybe I need to write a book about my first year as Principal."

So You're a First-Year Teacher covers the many highs — and lows — of his first year in the classroom. "I documented what might have gone well inside my classroom and what maybe didn't go so well," wrote Hawk in an email. "So many things happened ranging from getting punched in the face by a student to another student bringing me a gift I will never forget!"

Mr. Hines isn't the only administrator who has been inspired by Mr. Hawk. "During my first year as Superintendent," said Dr. Wyndham, "I kept having people tell me I should write a book. I'm so impressed that Levi actually took the time to do that. How cool!"

When comparing his first-year teaching experience to his first week at North, Hawk calls it a night-and-day experience.

"I have been supported by the teachers here and truly feel like everyone not only wants me to succeed, but that we all succeed TOGETHER! The kids in my classroom seem to genuinely want to learn and it makes me excited to come to work every day."

He summarizes his experience as a first-year teacher in Avon by writing, "I feel truly blessed to be here!"

So You're a First-Year Teacher is available through online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.