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Meet Our 2022-23 Teachers & Support Staff of the Year

Meet Our 2022-23 Teachers & Support Staff of the Year

In Avon Schools, we are grateful for nearly 1,500 teachers and staff who dedicate themselves to students' success. 

Each spring, all 12 schools and a few district departments nominate teachers and support staff members whom they believe are deserving of recognition as Teacher & Support Staff of the Year. Each May, we surprise these individuals by revealing that they have been selected.

Follow along during the first two weeks of May as we reveal the men and women who have been chosen by their schools and departments. The two individuals selected as the corporation Teacher & Support Staff of the Year will be revealed at the Avon Schools Back to School Celebration on July 24.

  • AHS: Tim Titzer (T), Domoni Springer (SS)
  • AMS North: Tonda Luckey (T), Darin Stover (SS)
  • AMS South: Matt Thoennes (T), Karen Schmitt (SS)
  • AIS East: Sarabeth Willis (T), Sue Misner (SS)
  • AIS West: Katie Sexton (T), Amber Klein (SS)
  • Cedar: Stephanie Hulett (T), Carol Balcom (SS)
  • Hickory: Kacey Seaver (T), Michelle Alexander (SS)
  • Maple: Ben Taylor (T), Connie Lindsey (SS)
  • Pine Tree: Sarah Valentin (T), Leslie Ring (SS)
  • River Birch: Amy Chisham (T), Jackie Robertson (SS)
  • Sycamore: Monica Sloan (T), Sharon Stoller (SS)
  • White Oak: Amber Adair (SS)
  • Administration Center: Brenda Whaley (SS)
  • Facilities: Steve Allen (SS)
  • Transportation: Becky Lusk (SS)

View the photos below and join us in celebrating our 2022-23 Teachers & Support Staff of the Year.