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Episode 068: Why Educators Choose Avon Schools

Episode 068: Why Educators Choose Avon Schools

In a day and age in which teachers can take their pick of the school districts in which they want to teach, why do so many excellent educators continue to choose Avon Schools? Listen in as Dr. Wyndham explores that topic — and much more — with five Avon educators who are either in their first year in the profession or who are veterans in their first year teaching in Avon Schools.

In this episode, Rachael Carson (Hickory Elementary), Bryce Leach (AMS South), Will Wortman (AMS North), Megan Doyle (AMS North), and Abbigail Martin (Avon Academy) discuss what drew them to Avon Schools in the first place and what they have discovered during their first semester in the school corporation. You'll enjoy listening them discuss our high reputation and the factors that drew them here in addition to what they have experienced: the climate in our schools, the uniquely diverse makeup of our community, the supports they receive as new or new-to-Avon educators, and more.

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