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Celebrating Orioles - January 2024

Celebrating Orioles - January 2024

At their January 8, 2024, meeting, the Avon Board of School Trustees celebrated three groups of Orioles who have stood out in recent days for a variety of reasons.

With help from the Washington Township Fire Department, the Board celebrated Jennifer Rudolph, Vanessa Belcher, Erin Brown, and Jivanjot Khasria for their life-saving actions during two separate choking incidents at Avon Middle School North. In both situations, they acted quickly and compassionately to ensure the safety of their students and friend.

The Board celebrated students and educators from Maple Elementary for the outstanding academic progress they are demonstrating through supports provided by the school's Multilingual Learner and Title 1 programs. Students were proud to share how much growth they have achieved in recent rounds of testing.

Finally, the Board celebrated Sycamore Elementary students and educators for the fantastic work they are doing in English Language Arts. Students brought stories they had recently written about their favorite animals and wowed the Board and meeting attendees by reading their excellent stories and showing their detailed illustrations.

We're proud to Celebrate these Orioles!