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AMS North Students Support the Pulsera Project

AMS North Students Support the Pulsera Project

by Avon Middle School North Spanish 1 Teacher Susi Clark

My Spanish 1 students here at AMS North just finished hosting a Pulsera Sale through our partnership with the Pulsera Project. It’s a nonprofit and fair trade organization that empowers artisans in Nicaragua and Guatemala who make beautiful bracelets and purses. It’s an awesome organization,

This year we raised $2,209 to donate to the Pulsera Project.

My 8th grade Spanish students did a research project in collaboration with our Teacher-Librarian Wendy Kovach. They learned about Nicaragua and Guatemala, Fair Trade, and creating effective advertisements. They then shared the advertisements in groups and managed the sale of bracelets and purses during lunches and at two track meets. They really took charge! I just counted the money and made sure to remind the volunteers, and they did the rest.

Here’s a link to a 60-second video with more info about this great cause. To learn more about the Pulsera Project, visit their website.

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